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Play School Franchise VS Starting Your Own Play School! What is Better?

An investment in education is an investment for life! The changing Indian economy has steered the access to education for all. The desire to enroll their children in schools that promote all-round development has spread at all socio-economic levels. This transformation is paving the way for the rise of many play-schools and schools. If one…

Points to look into before Opening a Preschool

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Before starting a pre-school we have to look into several points that will help to run the school successfully. Starting a school of one’s own can be a promising idea. To make it a smooth, successful plan one has to take care of a few things. Opening a pre-school can be a huge challenging task…

Importance of Sports and Games for Children

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Physical activity is important for a child as much as academic learning. Experts from the academic field believe that sports and games play a vital role for overall development of a child. Many schools these days provide sports as a subject in the school curriculum. Sports is not only about physical activity, but it teaches…

Are Preschools in India Losing their Sheen?

No. 1 Pre-School in India

In India where preschool chains are increasing in demand throughout small and big cities, opting for right brand or franchise is very important to have a successful, profitable business.  All you need to know the goodwill and best brand for your business to start. There are several preschool success stories in India; Iris Florets is…

8 Things You Should Know as a Preschool Entrepreneur

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Are you an Entrepreneur planning to start a preschool but doesn’t know where to start? Here is everything you should know as a preschool entrepreneur. Read on… Investing in something that deals with giving education is bliss. Education not only transforms the life of an individual but also creates a special place with name and…

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