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Parenting Tips

Effective parenting refers to carrying out the responsibilities of raising and relating to children in such a manner that the child is well prepared to realize his or her full potential as a human being. It is a style of raising children that increases the chances of a child becoming the most capable person and adult he or she can be.

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. Spend some quality time with your child

Children learn what they see . Be good role models for your child. Be the role model your children deserve. Kids learn by watching their parents. Modeling appropriate, respectful, good behavior works much better than telling them what to do.

Do not compare your child with any other child. Each child is unique and special. Comparing him/her is unfair to the child, and will pull them down and lower their self esteem.

Children by nature love responsibility and independence. Little things like making their bed themselves, cleaning their room, looking after their younger siblings, helping in household chores etc go a long way in making them more confident, responsible and independent. So, don’t clip your child’s wings. Let them fly out of the nest.


Listen to your child, he has something to say. Communication with your child is the most important part of effective parenting.

Give your complete attention to your child when he/she is talking to you. Always remember to sit, so that you are at the same eye level as the child to ensure that he/she feels that you are giving him/her your undivided attention.

Do not tell your child to come back later and tell you what he/she wants.

Your child should never be afraid to speak to you. No matter how tough the topic, no matter how badly he/she messed up, there should be no fear in the child’s mind to come and share it with you.

Talk to your child every day even if it is for a few minutes.

Put down your iPhone , turn off your laptop when your child (or you) return home, at mealtimes and story times, and when you pick up your child from school.

Look at him or her and make eye contact while having a conversation.

Speak to your child in the tone and with the words that you wish he or she would use with others.

Express your love every day, no matter how tough the day.

There should not be any arguments in front of the child. Never disagree about discipline in front of the children. Support your spouse’s basic approach to raising kids, unless its way out of line.Critising your partner will do more harm to your child’s feeling of security than good.

Try to take some time out on regular basis to do something fun with your child. Let them choose a game and play with them regularly. Call this your daily special time. There should be no interruptions. There is no better way to show your love.

Always ask your children questions like –how was your day? Did you have fun at school? How was the party? What do you want to do this weekend?

Always encourage daddy time as this helps them in improving their problem solving skills and also helps them do better in school.

Read books with your child regularly. From the time that they are babies, as they love the sound of their parents and cuddling up to them for a story. Make beautiful memories together.

Never give an order, request, or command without being able to enforce it at the time.

Give your child the time and freedom to solve problems himself/herself. Dont try to fix everything immediately for your child. This will help your child become self-reliant and confident.

Teach your child to always talk by making eye to eye contact. This will help the child to deal with bullies at school and will generally make him/her more confident.

When ever possible appreciate, reward and praise your child to improve motivate him/her to continue with good behaviour.

Look for gradual changes in behavior. Don’t expect too much. Praise behavior that is coming closer to the desired goal.

Set appropriate limits for your child and help them understand this world better. Setting boundary doesn’t mean you don’t love them or disregard their freedom, it simply means you are letting them explore this beautiful world safely. Dont hesitate to Say “No” whenever required. But make sure you do this in a firm, but loving fashion. Remember discipline is not punishment.

Never let your child disrespect you or anyone else. State clearly that any form of disrespect or rude behaviour will not be tolerated by you.

Be affectionate towards your spouse in front your child. This will go a long way to make them more secure about relationships. They will set standards in their tiny minds on how relationships should look, feel and sound like.

Always be transparent and honest with your children. Always remember you are your child’s first teacher and they will learn everything good and bad from you.

Make your children aware of their responsibilities towards mother earth and the environment. Teach them to keep their world greener, to save water, not to litter etc.

It works best when children overhear what good you talk about them, rather than telling them directly. Intentially let them overhear you complimenting them and watch them glow with glee.

No one knows your child better than you. If you have a gut feeling, go with it. Chances are you will be right most of the time.

Eat atleast one meal as a family. While serving food to your child, remember that if he/she doesn’t eat it, offer it again and again. There is good chance that, your child will eat it after a couple of tries. Let them decide what they want to eat once in a while and make it for them.

Make sure your children get enough physical play and exercise. This will make them conscious of being healthy and the importance of exercise as a routine.

Teach your child to communicate with signs and symbols, if he/she hasn’t started talking yet. Just because they cant communicate with words, doesn’t mean they don’t have lots to say. So teach them special ways to put their thoughts across.

Say “I love you” to your child every chance you get. You cant never overdo with this one phrase. Kisses galore will also help.

Good habits should always include keeping themselves clean, brushing regularly etc.

Be very careful with your child’s safety. Make the home baby proof, never leave your child who is too young alone in the bathtub, don’t let children enter the kitchen, insist they wear safety guards and helmets when riding a bicycle etc.

Putting your child to sleep should not be a forceful act, instead try to put him/her to sleep when your child is drowsy, but a little awake. Let them soothe themselves to sleep. Sleep time should always include a bedtime story or a customized lullaby.

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