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We are very happy to have joined my child at the iris florets innovative pre school, and thus giving her a great start to school life. I found our child going to school happily. We felt very safe and secure to send my 2 year old child alone to school from day one. The play area at the school is very safe for little ones. iris florets is well organized, well run and a very friendly school. The staff is also very good and approachable. Our daughter enjoyed every aspect of the Nursery class, particularly singing rhymes and enjoying outdoor activities. She has learnt socializing with other children very quickly. It is amazing to see that she is progressing steadily to eat food by herself and her handwriting has improved greatly as well. Our daughter is not put in any pressure even when she is required to improve on any activity. Her teachers have always eased her into everything in school. We loved the way the celebrations are done at school for every festival and concept. These celebrations always have social messages as well. The color concept days have been very helpful to enable our child to recognize colors easily. The knowledge that Srihitha is happy and being well looked after, allows us to work on our job activities peacefully. Her teacher has always made the effort to say what she has been doing at school when we attend Child Progressive Meets every month. I am very satisfied about her settling in so beautifully in school and making so many friends so quickly. Srinadh and Sravani, Parents of Srihitha, iris Nursery

"Iris Florets is a fantastic innovative pre school . It is very well organized. Aaditya really learned a lot and grew into a fine boy. Aaditya is saying ‘excuse me, please’ and also getting more independent with daily life skills like tying shoe laces, buttoning up his shirt, making his bed etc. We are happy to see him going to a play school that has the right balance of everything – infrastructure, curriculum, teachers, support staff, care and safety for children. The teachers are lovely and very friendly. The coordinator is a very supportive and understanding person. Aaditya talks very highly of all his teachers. Their innovative ways help the child to groom better and be better human beings. I would definitely recommend iris florets innovative pre school to people looking for a good play school for their children. It is a complete and unique play school. Abhay & Jyoti Kulkarni, parents of Aaditya Kulkarni, iris Junior

It was sometime in May of 2015, that I was scouting for a pre primary school for my younger daughter, though I had an option of joining her in the same school as my elder daughter. I had two reasons for this
1) My younger daughter was still unable to speak then
2) Her health always demanded close monitoring. I accidentally bumped upon the new school in "HUDA colony" by the name "iris”.
The initial impression was very good by virtue of its colourful campus and my impression was further reinforced into the best form when I went through the unique and safe infrastructure. The initial interaction with Mrs Kavitha was amazing. She patiently took me through the facilities and gave a detailed description of the activities. My daughter Vedanshi Sharma never shied away from school as she was pampered and well taken care of by all staff members. During my later interactions with Mrs Kavitha, she gave me various suggestions to help my daughter to tide over her inability to speak. She is now able to speak fluently. All my gratitude to the patience exhibited by the teaching staff and non teaching staff for taking great care of my daughter when she was unable to speak out for herself. The school always engages children and their parents through various activities like field trips, festival celebrations, group activities etc. These activities definitely foster bonding amongst children and help in improving their social and interpersonal skills. From the bottom of my heart, I express my sincere thanks to iris florets for being instrumental in developing the children’s future and request you to continue with your excellent work.
Bhanu Kiran, father of Vedanshi Sharma, iris Junior
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