10 Comic Books for your Kids

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Reading is best if started at an early age and we know children have no limit in imagination, so whatever they read or hear or see they try to make it in their own little world.
Especially if there are comic books which have been there for quite some time and it is still growing strong in adults too. So, to start with comic books are the perfect way of having your kids involved in the habit of reading.
Here we list down 10 comic books that you can let your kids read and have their imagination run into the wild.

1)Teen Titans                     

Teen Titans is a story about a group of young heroes Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad, who act as vigilantes to fight crime on their own.

2) Marvel Avengers

Marvel and their own superheroes, popularly known as The Avengers. We have seen movies on it. Imagine reading them with their limitless imagination.

3) Zita The Spacegirl

When the Aliens kidnap her best friend, little Zita doesn’t let the shock of it disable her. Rather she finds a way to help her best friend.

4) Scooby Doo

Everyone knows about the dog who talks and a van who investigates the crime all over the town. This will be fun and interesting for kids.

5) Archie

Cute and popular high school boy that girls fight over? Well, that is Archie! The teenage heartthrob’s stories represent the life of a typical American teenager.

6) Owly

For early readers who are trying to gain their confidence with the written word, there are comics like Andy Runton’s Owly that let the pictures do the talking.

7) Tintin

The job and his inquisitive nature draw Tintin to any suspicious activity, leading him straight to dangerous criminals and dark places.

8) Anna and Froga

Anna & Froga is an easy read that will earn some giggles. It is a collection of short stories and adventures.

9) Diary of a Wimpy Kid

A naughty kid who just knows how to get his ways and trouble the adults around him.


Your kid will enjoy their more recent series which focuses on Superman.