10 Reasons Why Maths is Important for kids.

10 Reasons Why Maths is Important for kids.


“Without mathematics, there is nothing you can do, everything around you is mathematics, and everything around you is numbers.” 

– Shakuntala Devi – Indian Writer and Mental Calculator

It does not matter what path we take up in life, mathematics will always be an integral part of the basic education we require to fulfill our goals and lead a successful life.

Not only does mathematics help kids with their educational endeavors, but also it is a very important factor in the development of their brain and mental well-being.


We at Iris Florets have enlisted a few reasons why mathematics is important for your child.

1. Learning Math Is Good For the Brain

Research conducted at Stanford University indicates that children with better mathematical abilities were more in control of certain brain regions that help in decision making and logical reasoning. It was also found that children who know math also have higher visual-attention capabilities than those who don’t.

2. Math is Helpful for Decision Making

Decision making involves understanding the pros and cons of a decision and acting suitably. Thus, to do this we require basics mathematical and quantitative abilities. A child can be more decisive if he can understand the math behind things.

3. Mathematics Sharpens Your Analytical Abilities

Mathematics is a methodological application of matter. It involves taking the known and unknown into consideration and analyzing the requirements and resources to find a solution.

In our everyday life we come across various problems or tasks that require an analytical view of the situation, and often we use math to solve these problems knowingly or unknowingly.

4. Math Is All Around Us

Whether it is riding a car, cooking food or as simple as walking we use mathematics. We are constantly measuring, calculating and integrating numbers. Your shopping trips may turn disastrous if you could not count your money or calculate your bills. So for kids to do their daily chores better their mind must be able to voluntarily do certain mathematical calculations.

 5. Math Is Used In Every Career Field In Some Way

You don’t necessarily have to be involved in purely technical jobs to use mathematics even the tasks of painting involves measurements and calculations. We cannot also ignore the fact that having better mathematical skills opens up many opportunities for a child.

6. Mathematics Helps Develop Logical Thinking

Every formula or equation in math is backed up by a logical explanation. Thus, children who are good at math tend to see all situations with a more logical perception.

7. Mathematics In The Practical World

Math helps kids to do all their daily takes with ease and handle problem more efficiently. They can understand the logic behind all that goes around them and understand the world better.

With taking all these points into consideration it is safe to say that math is not only a part of a child’s academic curriculum but also an important factor in his/her overall development. Enroll your child today at Iris Florets Play School to give them the best in class play school experience.

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