8 Things You Should Know as a Preschool Entrepreneur

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8 Things You Should Know as a Preschool Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur planning to start a preschool but doesn’t know where to start? Here is everything you should know as a preschool entrepreneur. Read on…
Investing in something that deals with giving education is bliss. Education not only transforms the life of an individual but also creates a special place with name and fame for him/her in the society. Education industry offers profitable business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. There is no noble profession than giving education to kids as that is laying the foundation for future.
There is a lot of handwork behind opening the best preschool. The first and foremost thing is the right location which is very important. Lenience, good infrastructure, curriculum, best teachers, secured transport facility, helpers etc. the list goes on.  Location of the preschool will determine its success.

Glance through the factors that will help you as a preschool entrepreneur or take a franchise of Iris Florets:

Proper business planning:

A perfectly planned business gives no scope for confusion and stress. The business plan should include:

  • Location and space
  • Infrastructure
  • Indoor and outdoor area
  • Number of children’s to cater
  • Hiring staff: Number of teachers, recruitment staff, admin, helpers need to hire
  • Transport facilities
  • Funds required for opening a normal or a branded Preschool or a daycare
  • Play area and accessories
  • Kitchen accessories and equipment, bedding and toiletries if your school includes a daycare
  • Other miscellaneous things like stationary, buffer staff, First Aid kit etc.

Here is a sneak peek into every important point which will help us on deciding the location of preschool.

Conduct a location survey

A preschool should be near to a residential area. The families sending their kids to daycare or families with both the parents working usually prefer to send their kids to preschools at early stages of their childhood.  So, the residential area is the best area for a preschool.

Accessibility to Hospitals

Any miss happening can take place anytime, anywhere in the school. With the help of right hospital, nearby instant care and proper treatment can be given at the right time. An important factor is to build trust in parents that their kids are in safe hands.

The Adequate human resource team

Human resource plays a major role in hiring excellent staff which will be the backbone for the success of play school. If kids are excelling academically and picking good habits, the school with gain good name and trust. However, the school is referred for its good facilities as well enhancing the better scope for business. Staff should include teachers, helpers, admin, HR, electrician-cum-plumber, security guard, transport supplier etc.

Accessibility to Marketplace

For any last minute purchases, it is important to have the preschool located in an area that has access to at least a small size market – a stationery shop, a vegetable shop, etc. hassle-free fulfillment

Mindset of people

It is important to focus on understanding the mindset of parents residing in the locality. For example, you found a good place to set up your preschool but your location survey says that there are no families that have matching ideas as that of your school’s mottos, then it may not work.


Choose a location where there are no other preschools or daycares. This will not divide the crowd and does not create any competition. If there is already a preschool in the same locality of that of your preferable location, then a smart move is to find out the facilities that the existing preschool has. Once you have the list of facilities, offered by the existing preschool, you can add something unique to your preschool or offer certain facilities at a relatively lesser price to attract the parents.


Infrastructure plays a major role in enriching your business initiative. Make sure the building has perfectly fixed electric wires, good plumbing, good ventilation and perfectly painted walls. The rooms should be ventilated well. Use vibrant color to make children happy and fresh.
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