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Times are changing.

As new discoveries and cutting-edge technologies dawn the new-age, the way children learn and play has undergone a sea of change. Children today, are weighed down by the burden of expectations and the pressure of performance right from a very young age. In the process, they miss out on the most valuable ingredient of childhood – Happiness. We at IRIS, have set out to create an atmosphere of happiness and security – a place where children are respected and recognized for who they are. Furthermore, IRIS is a creatively stimulating and nurturing place of excellence where the children’s growth is self-propelled and they can be themselves, as they revel in the joy of childhood.



Revel in the joy of childhood

Iris Educare Limited is proud to introduce iris florets, a play school designed around the child. An earnest effort has been made to create a world of happiness not just for the children, but also their parents. We believe, even though children are performing well in academics and sports at school, their creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities are not developing the way they should. Hence, we felt there is a need for a change in the education system to tap and harness these four main qualities in children.Thus, iris florets was born.

 “A happy space where every child enters the school with a smile and walks out with giggles and

Learn a little about the brand – Iris

Iris Educare, a BITS Pilani & IIM Alumni initiative; is one of the leading names in child-centric education in South India. Under the Iris Educare umbrella, the group has envisioned Iris Florets, the flagship Play School chain, Iris Sakalya Academy, the secondary and higher secondary school chain and Iris EduValley World School, a premium K-12 international residential school. The group has developed a reputation for building schools that are safe, secure and stimulating, while creating fun and sustained environments for long-term learning. 
With about 100+ schools in India and abroad, Iris Florets’ journey of excellence is marked by numerous awards and accolades for its commitment and pioneering efforts. Being listed as Asia’s Greatest Brands and awarded by Times of India for 3 consecutive years itself speaks volumes about our excellence.