Best Play School Franchise to Start in Hyderabad

Best Play School Franchise to Start in Hyderabad


Providing education is said to be one of the noblest work of all. Being an educator and running a school is a job of great responsibility especially when it is concerned with new learners or pre-primary students because, what the children learn in their early age affects their mental capabilities, perception towards the world and their overall personalities in the time to come.

So, it is safe to say that the nature of the future citizens of a country depends on the presence of the education system.

We at Iris Florets believe in providing the best in class education for sculpting our students into better human beings and responsible citizens of the country. Thus, for this purpose, we are always keen to join hands with people who wish to chase their dreams and has the ability to do something extraordinary and at the same time are passionate about education and teaching.

If you believe that you can own and run a preschool successfully and have the ability as well as the creativity to introduce and implement innovative learning techniques that will help the students realize their true potential, then you are the perfect fit to the Iris Florets Family.

Here is why starting an Iris Florets franchise is the best plan for you.

Best Pre-schools in Hyderabad and India

Iris Florets has been awarded as the best play school in Hyderabad by The Times Group of India, because of its outstanding performance in the early childhood care and education industry.

Not only this but also starting an Iris Florets franchise will give you the benefit of complete support and guidance from a team of professional educators with a collective experience of over 100 years in the education industry.

The Iris Florets Franchise support includes: –

Initial Set up Support  

We understand that new entrepreneurs and businesses need guidance and support to flourish. Our organization provides new franchises complete 360-degree support for setting up and running the preschool.

The initial Set up support includes: –

  • Choosing the site after thorough market research.
  • Layout planning and design selection.
  • Complete school set-up solution
  • Launch and marketing to kick-start

Brand Building and Marketing Support

We provide our franchisees with marketing and brand building guidance through specialized brand manuals for outdoor, print and electronic media especially customized for your branch. We organize seminars and awareness programs for building awareness regarding the latest trends in the industry. We Encourage and support new entrepreneurs for participation in events and exhibitions. We also provide support in web promotions and additional links to all our franchises.

Curriculum and Training Support

The curriculum and teaching techniques of our schools are developed by carrying out extensive research and development protocols based on many parameters such as the psychology of the children, their mental capabilities and the current scenario of our society and its effects on the child’s blooming.

We cater our franchises with a business model that is developed by our Strategic Planning Group who are experienced in national and international domains in the Education Industry and are the expertise in varied domains of management.

Become a part of the Iris Florets family today and assure yourself success and prosperity in the education industry.

Learn more about our existing and successfully running Iris Florets franchises.

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