Happy Womens Day to Iris Floret’s Women Entrepreneurs

Happy Womens Day to Iris Floret’s Women Entrepreneurs


It is that time of the year where we take time off from our busy schedules to recognize and appreciate the immense efforts that a woman takes to make the lives of the near ones better.

A woman not only fights her way up professionally but at the same time takes care of the family single-handedly. The care and the bonding that a woman brings in to the family is simply unparalleled to any other.

Unfortunately, In India, time and again there are incidents wherein women must struggle a lot to be considered equal to men.

With increased awareness on the women empowerment and gender equality in the country, the situation is changing rapidly and the women of the modern era are more independent financially and personally to take their own decisions and live their life on their terms.


Women Leaders of Iris Florets Making A Mark

At Iris Florets, we always attempt and encourage women entrepreneurs to be the franchise owners hence giving them an opportunity to make it big in the pre-school sector.

Over time, the women leaders at Iris Florets have succeeded immensely and brought in trust and quality to the pre-school franchisees that they work for.

Iris Floret organization would like to show its gratitude toward our strong, dedicated and highly professional women franchise owners who continue to run their play schools successfully and have proven their mettle from time to time. Their innovative and intuitive thinking process topped with their caring nature makes Iris Florets playschools a warm and nurturing place for all the little learners.

Our Efforts in Empowering Women

The Iris Florets organization pledges to empower the little girls learning at our centers to grow into strong independent women. For this, we inculcate the practice of respecting everyone irrelevant to their gender and other social backgrounds. We teach our students important lessons of mutual respect. Nurturing little girls and boys into strong and independent individuals is the objective behind all our lessons and teaching. Our faculties and teaching staff take extra care to make sure that no child is left behind.


Iris Florets calls for women with ambition and passion to make it big in the preschool education industry. Become a women entrepreneur by owning a pre-school franchisee in your area. Connect today at Iris Florets.

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