Health Tips to keep your Kids Healthy and Happy in Monsoon

Health Tips to keep your Kids Healthy and Happy in Monsoon


Monsoon Care:

Children love monsoon. It brings joy with rain. The pitterpatter drops tickle the aesthetic sense in the tiny tots.

Jumping in the rain water and leaving paper boats…..WOW!!!

Wearing gumboots and rain coats…..

All brings fun. And also lots of rain risks. Monsoon brings rain and rain brings water borne illness. Here are some precautions and remedial measures to keep our children away from water borne diseases.

  • Mosquito free premises:

Keep your premise mosquito free. Use natural repellents like

  1. a) Neem oil, lemon oil, mint oil, eucalyptus oil. Spread these oils on the cotton balls and leave them in various areas of your room.
  2. b) Light camphor 30 minutes before the sunset. Use benzoin resin (Sambrani powder) in the mornings and evenings. These will make mosquitoes fly away from house.
  3. C) Plants lemon, eucalyptus, catnip and citronella grass in our premises.

Health Tips to keep your Kids Healthy and Happy in Monsoon , irisflorets


Make children drink plenty of water. Prefer boiled water to prevent water borne diseases. Increase consumption of hot fluids like vegetable soup etc.

  • Food:

Avoid giving raw food to the children during monsoon. Completely avoid street food and junk food. Wash fruits thoroughly before you give them to children. Serve food hot (luke warm) the children. Idly, dosa, kichidi, pan cakes etc., will have high nutritious values in food. Flaxseeds, ground nuts, curds, soya bean, sprouts, almonds will increase immunity in children. Leftover food must not be consumed. Give vitamin C rich food.

  • Clothes: 

Do not allow the children to enter into the air conditioned room with wet clothes. Keep children always in dry and warmth. Make them wear fullsleeved dress before going to bed.

5) Hygiene:

Give them bath each time they get wet in rain. Through hand wash before and after food consumption is must. Keep hand wash liquids in toilets and wash area. Educate children to avoid touching eye frequently. Conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes are very common in monsoon.

6) See the doctor:

Do not neglect the child/ any member in the family having the symptoms of fever, vomiting, headache, body pains, and red rashes. Visit your family doctor immediately.

Health Tips to keep your Kids Healthy and Happy in Monsoon, irisflorets



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