Holistic Child Development – Your child learns from these places

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Holistic Child Development – Your child learns from these places

It is such a wonderful feeling to see your child grow. The first steps, the first words or the first object they identify, it is all surreal to the eyes of their parents. Holistic development of a child is every parents’ wish and they leave no stone unturned to achieve that feat.
But at times there are things that get missed out due to, may be a busy schedule or due to lack of knowledge on the subject etc. In this situation, to know if your child is on the right track of development becomes vital.
Here are the most important things to know about child development including appropriate behaviors, emotions and psychological aspects in a child.

Holistic Child Development – The Definition

“Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.”
The child learns from the different surroundings that he grows up into various stages of development like infancy, early childhood, adulthood etc. We bring you a step by step growth of a child and the corresponding behavioral signs.

Early Days in Child Development

First few years of a child are undoubtedly very important in their growth and development. All the experiences through which a child goes in earlier stages of life decides what they would become when they grow. It is widely acknowledged and proven research, that ensuring a better beginning for a child and early parent-child interactions are must. Developments are not only restricted to physical development but also on emotional, behavioral, analytic and communicative ones.

Importance of Surroundings in Development

At Home

Parents are child’s first mentors. They ensure the security and the comfort that the child gets emotionally and physically. The atmosphere at home leads to many behavioral changes in a child. A child’s relationship with the parent decides the way they see and acknowledge the world. Their relation provides the essential confidence and security to the child to express themselves.
Right from infancy one can understand a cry, a laugh, a curios expression or any other expression. They can also understand others by – a smile, a cuddle or by just movements. Children learn all these from what they see and feel and thus they create their own perception about the outside world, expressions and communication.
Responding children in warmth and gentle surroundings always help them in having structured growth and lays the strong foundation for its future.

By Surroundings       

The other habits etc. that children learn from is how the people around them behave with one another. At the young age it’s the tendency of a child that they idolize the people by watching and feeling about them. It starts with imitating people around them and is further converted to defined behavior and attitude.
Relatives, neighbors, friends, community and even the home setting plays a crucial role in early child learnings. The surroundings greatly affect them. At times, we find children to be aggressive, fearful or joyous depending on the surroundings that they are exposed to.
Assuring that the children are always in apt surroundings and not exposing them to harsh behavior is vital in a child’s growth.

By Playschools/Pre-Schools

Preschools are a great source of development for children. The preschools are children’s first faceoff to the world outside their homes. They are there with other kids with the same age group making their learning social.
A good preschool has a holistic development approach towards the children which helps them in understanding things, shapes, get better at linguistics, their analytical ability improves and overall they tend to get socially and emotionally secure.
It is vital to select a preschool where in the teachers are equally committed as the parents for the child’s growth.
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