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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood “- Fred Rogers
Are you one of those parents who are concerned about how your kid passes his/her first few years in their lives? Or are you the one who are constantly worried and thinking about the holistic development of your toddler and the habit that he/she picks up in the early times? Then probably you must continue reading this piece on importance of preschool for your child.

The Necessity of a Pre-School

We are living in the times when providing attention to our kids is more important than ever. Numerous researches over the years are now evidently highlighting that years from birth to six years of age represent a very crucial time for holistic development among children.
The R&D carried out by various doctorates at the prestigious universities around the world are also hinting at a structured and organised learning at a preschool level. The need for a preschool for a kid before their elementary education is crucial as it has immense benefits in the short and the long human development spans.
A preschool provides the much essential learnings and infuse a strong behaviour pattern which inculcates in this initial phase of their lives. This early stage development adds confidence and encouragement to their personalities which stay with them until very long. pre-school imparts the fundamental skills to the kids. Skills like reading, thinking, writing, craft and painting, improving their attention span and focusing are learnt in a playful manner. This provides a sense of security to the kid and gives them more confidence and prepares them in an apt manner for the elementary school ahead.

But Why is a Structured Pre-School Necessary?

Time and again it has been proved that people tend to take preschools less seriously and end up admitting their kids in an unstructured, unorganised and non-branded institutions. This results in the children missing out on the fine essentials at the very early stages of their life which can have a long-lasting effect. Academics is designed to achieve the milestones under every developmental domain.
That is why we combined the benefits of a structured and organised preschool in the list below to let you know how a preschool shape up the kids in their early ages.
A Preschool is an opportunity of growth for the children. It prepares them in a unique manner by making them learn not in a typical teacher-student classroom type but by making learning playful.
The structured and organized environment helps children enjoy themselves and have a creative learning of essentials like numbers, alphabet, shapes, etc. in an encouraging manner.
Importantly, they become part of the social sphere and interact with the children of their own age in a highly supervised and developed environment. This brings in a great sense of confidence into the kids.
They learn new names, life etiquettes, hygiene, discipline, interacting with friends and all this of this in a friendly, comforting and playful atmosphere.
The top importance aspects that a best preschool brings for your kids are as below.

Importance of Preschool

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Promotes Language and Cognitive Skills
  • Nurtures Child’s Curiosity
  • Essentials activities like pre-math and literacy skills get a boost
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Develops Motor Skills
  • Brings them into the social atmosphere and out of their comfort zones of their parents in a playful manner.

IRIS Florets – Because we CARE.

At IRIS Florets, we believe that every moment of a kid is precious and have come up with a child development model by a 7-way strategy that enhances their learning and growing experience.

  • Leading-edge Curriculum & Methodology
  • Aesthetic Ambience & Infrastructure
  • 5 Innovative Learning Centres
  • IQ & Emotional Intelligence
  • Holistic Child Development
  • Human Resource Excellence
  • Best-in-class Safety & Hygiene

We ensure that the kids are not only made to enjoy and learn at our premises but also leave them with curiosity and activities which will make them share a bunch of stories with you and ask exciting questions to you when they are back home enhancing the learning and strengthening the parent-children bond.