Iris Florets Call to Visionary Partners for Pre-School Franchisee in Hyderabad

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The Necessity

The recent growth of the preschool business in India is phenomenal along with the overall growth in the education sector. The number of educational institutes (be it primary, secondary or grad level) have gone up sizably. With these rising trends in the primary and the higher education, the pre-school market in India has also had a surge in the last couple of decades.
The pre-school industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 22% by 2020. With only 20% market captured by the organized businesses, this market is highly untapped. This presents significant opportunities to the businessmen/women and the entrepreneurs willing to invest time, energy and money in this in this Industry.

Iris Florets Franchisee

Iris Florets is the number 1 pre-school school chain in India and falls under the top 10 preschool franchise in India. It offers best quality training with around 8 franchises in other states. In just over 24 months’ time span Iris Florets has spread its wings with over 95 schools and have garnered more than 35 reputed pre-school awards. To continue the state of the art execution and to expand the premium pre-school education, Iris Florets has come up with most convenient, affordable, scalable and exciting model with its franchisees. With expansion plans in multiple cities and states, Iris Florets is providing opportunities to thousands of visionaries and providing them an opportunity in making a difference to the way pre-school business functions.

Iris Florets Franchisee Objective

The need for quality education at the pre-primary level is huge. Research is showcasing time and again the importance of year 0 to 6 for the holistic development of children. This very need is now being addressed by the parents and are taking the preschools of their kids very seriously. In India as over 80% of the pre-school market is unorganized and unstructured, directors founded iris florets in 2015 to put this grave issue and scarcity of quality early education at rest. Because of focused vision and successful franchise model, today iris is with 44 National and International prestigious awards, flourished with 100 centres PAN India. We are now International as we have launched iris in Nepal.”
The school has obtained around 40 awards and with around 100 schools situated in 2 countries India and Nepal, and the people behind this Shirish Turlapati, Radhika Turlapati and Rahul Appani, the current directors have contributed a lot and enabled the growth which has pushed the school to attain these huge achievements. 
The vision of the founders and the brand is to establish an exemplary pre-school chain that is supreme in o­ffering a powerful foundation to young children who will joyfully embark on the journey to discover the world of happy thinking and learning. We believe that this will not only fill up the scarcity of quality early education in the country but will also set high standards in the preschool industry.
We believe and call for the people who wants to make a qualitative and quantitative difference to the society at the much-needed preschool level, one that will effectively impart a quality training coupled with ambitious goals for a long term.
The leading play schools in India, need not merely trainers, but also serious and passionate individuals who are willing to commit to the work and expend their resources by channelizing to the right trajectory.

How do we do it?

We plan for your vision by providing the essentials expertise, experience and excellence built over years of hard-work and research. This best Pre school franchise in India, has a lot to offer and they are known to take their objectives seriously. How we manifest our mission in our most successful preschool in India is through the following ways. We provide:

  • A complete Infrastructure Support
  • Brand Building and Marketing support
  • Curriculum and Training Support
  • Recruitment Support
  • Operations Management Support
  • Special Support like faculty development programmes and parent orientation workshops.

Our play school franchise requirement and play school franchise benefits, carry with them not just the tag but a badge of excellence par commitment.
So, if you want to join the league of elite pre-school franchisees making a difference to the pre-school education in India, Iris Florets have set up the path for you, already.