Kids possess a mixed up characteristics among themselves; they are naughty, sensitive, innocent, demanding, moody and what not. Parents need to be very careful with them in their growing stage. Obviously, every parent wants their kids to grow and develop physically as well as mentally.

It’s always said that the school is the second family of the kids and the teachers are the second mother. Iris Florets, No. 1 preschool chain in India converts this saying into practicality and offers a wonderful decorum to the kids.

Iris Florets, one of the leading play schools in India, is surely the red carpet to the better development of the kids as it provides not only learning skills but the social and emotional skills as well. The faculties at this wonderful play school use the best tactics to handle the kids with care as expected by the parents.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the tips how the life of kids can be easy at a playschool:

  • Clean and Sanitized environment:

One must understand what hygiene is for the kids and how clean environment matters for their health. Provide clean toilets, washrooms, and dust free classrooms to the kids to let them stay healthy.

  • Wide Spaces:

Kids are creative, but they need space to showcase their talents. Providing a wide space to the students to paint their ideas, dance to their favorite beats, hum their favorite tune is a good idea.

  • Playground:

Constructing a wonderful playground filled with a lot of slides, (safe enough to ride), and greenery would help the kids connect themselves to nature while playing on their favorite slide. An indoor playroom is also a good option so that the kids may learn little about the indoor games as well.

  • Smart Class:

Today kids understand more through an audio-visual presentation rather a normal classroom teaching. This smart class technology provides opportunities for the kids to learn quickly and imitate the same.

  • Art clubs and theaters:

Like the academics, the extracurricular activities also hold the same importance in the kid’s life to make them understand the forms of arts, say, music, dance, and painting. Each kid has different talents hidden in themselves.The different art clubs and an opportunity to perform will make the kids stay more involved in the school.

  • Food Habits:

For the kids to grow stronger and healthier, the playschools must ask the parents to prepare healthy food recipes in the kid’s lunch so that they eat healthy food and stay fit.

  • Aerobics Club:

Mental as well as physical fitness of the kids is very important. Regular meditation and yoga will help the kids to grasp things faster. An aerobics club in a play school will help achieve the fitness to all the kids.

  • Activities like Organic Farming:

Getting the kids involved in Organic Farming can help them to learn more about the sources of food, names of fruits and plants. They learn about gardening and plantation. Organizing such outdoor activities for the school kids is a wonderful idea which would help the child to feel close to nature and understand its dynamism.

  • Cozy and comfortable environment: Kids are sensitive so the play schools must ensure a cozy environment for the kids so that they don’t miss their homes during the school hours.
  • Bright, intense colors: The wallpapers at the playschool must have a beautiful blend of colors which can make the kids attracted to the school.


We at Iris Florets take care of all the above-mentioned pointers to ensure proper development of your child.