When it comes to learning, we always think about school. Schools play a significant role in shaping a child’s personality and attitude. It is the place which teaches a child various things which includes knowledge, discipline, teamwork, and intelligence.

So it is imperative for every parent to find a good preschool for their children because it will be the place where their child will start learning. Every parent wants their child to study in the best preschool franchise in India, thus there are certain factors which every parent must keep in mind before they make the final decision of picking a preschool for their child.

Things for parents to look for before joining their kids in a preschool

Things which are to be kept in mind while looking for a good preschool are-

  1. Locality and area- it is crucial for every parent to know the area in which the school is located. Typically schools are located at the place near the central area or hospitals. But primarily everybody searches for a school which is near their locality. So at the time of an emergency, the parents can reach school as soon as possible.


  1. The reputation of the school- primarily everything depends on the reputation of the school. The way the teacher treats the students, the quality of education, and the discipline. The reputation depicts the prestigious history of the school, which attracts most of the parents.


  1. Cleanliness and hygiene- every parent wants to make sure that their children are groomed in a clean and hygienic place. So checking the cleanliness in an essential factor so that the kids have a safe environment to learn.

Things for parents to look for before joining their kids in a preschool

  1. The number of teachers- it is said that only 20 students should be allotted to one teacher. Every child is different and needs special attention. Therefore, a class which is jam packed with too many students will not benefit anyone.
  1. Timings of the school- the timings of school is equally important. Every parent has to make sure that their children have enough time to rest and eat a balanced diet after school is concluded. Some schools even have day boarding facilities, but it is imperative for your child to be around you also. So select the school which operates within a specific time frame that is compatible to your child.


  1. The atmosphere inside the school- preschool is a place where everything starts. It is the foundation of your future, and plays a vital role in your overall development as a human being. Thus, the internal atmosphere and the ambiance of a preschool matters a lot.


  1. Safety- the biggest concern of every parent is that their child is safe or not. Every school should have watchmen on the front gate. There should be CCTV cameras inside the school and a guard on every floor. The entry of any stranger should be restricted. Only parents should be allowed to drop and pick their ward.


  1. Medical facilities- in the case of an emergency, the school should at least provide necessary medical facilities to the kids and should appoint a doctor as well within the campus.


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