Summers are approaching, and this is the time which is going to be really difficult for kids. Going out in the sun and playing will definitely not be an option because that is only going to make them exhausted and dehydrated.

But playing outside in the summer holidays is a necessity for kids, to save themselves from the heat. Iris florets the No. 1 preschool chain in India and the low investment preschool franchise is providing the appropriate knowledge to educate kids on how they can survive this summer holidays with proper hygiene and care.

food tips

Iris florets specialize in shaping budding minds by teaching them the basics of life, unlike any other play school Iris florets the NO. 1 preschool chain in India and the low investment preschool franchise takes care in teaching kids and give them time to digest the knowledge as well.

They are called as the best preschool franchise in India for a cause and to know that you need to get your kid enrolled in their teaching programme.

food tips

Let’s see their food tips given to the kids to help them during the summer holidays:

  • Drinking loads and loads of water is the key to stay hydrated and beat the sun easily. Consume at least 3 big bottles of water in a day to maintain the hydration of your body.
  • Consume as many juicy fruits you can in a day. Summers are the time of the best fruits, mangoes, watermelons, litchis and a lot more are available during summer which is extremely good for health when consumed.
  • Avoid drinking fruit juices instead eat the fruit slices. In juices, you do not get the fibres from the fruit and fibres are incredibly beneficial for proper digestion of food.
  • Take in electrolytes. Drink coconut water and water containing glucose and sodium. Electrolytes help you staying energized and retains the pH balance of your body as well.
  • Eat light food in the day. If you have a plan of going out in the sun or in the afternoon has a very light lunch. Heavy food might make you nauseous in the sun.
  • Avoid too much spicy and junks in summer as this is a time when you are supposed to eat fresh and stay the maximum hydrated.
  • Listen to your sweet craving and treat yourself with ice cream sometimes. Have ice cream in a cool and shady place. Do not eat ice cream standing under direct sunlight; this might cause a cold sometimes.
  • You can also try out smoothies and shakes as refreshments. Have minty flavoured drinks to keep your stomach cool as well.
food tips

These are some of the basic tips provided by the teachers of Iris florets the NO. 1 preschool chain in India and the low investment preschool franchise to the kids studying there.

They are an extremely efficient preschool franchise working towards shaping little minds before they step out for acquiring all the bookish knowledge. Iris Florets is called as the best preschool franchise in India  because the care and hard work the teachers put behind nurturing the kids is something no other institution will do with such dedication. Get your kids enrolled in the training centre of Iris florets the best preschool franchise in India.