Summer is the time when schools end and vacations being. It is the time of joy for kids, but it’s a crazy time for parents. Summer brings two responsibilities for parents that are to keep their children busy and to keep them safe.

It is the time when your house becomes a mess as your house is crowded with your children and their school friends playing and running around. However, it is essential that your children get the required nutrition all throughout the summer.

So if your child is attending a playschool during the summers it is essential that you follow the tips mentioned below. It is also critical that your child attends the best play school so that adequate care and attention is given to your ward.

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summer tips for kids
summer tips for kids

Tips for summer:

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your child healthy during the summer.

  1. Hydration:

Being hydrated during summer is an important thing. Our body needs more water or fluid to fight the heat and high temperature around them. Children are involved in a lot of outdoor activities during the summers which requires a lot of hydration. Make sure your child does not get dehydrated at any point in time. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink lots of water and lots of juices.


  1. Change of diet:

As a parent, it’s our responsibility to take care of what our children eat. During summer cut down all the junk food as it increases the body temperature and makes your body hot. Add as much as fruits possible to your child’s diet and rely more on salads. Fruits boost up the immunity and increase the nutritious quotient in the body.


  1. Playtime:
  • The heat would be more prominent during 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm of a day, so avoid children playing outdoor games during this time.
  • Make the kids play indoor games during the day or night time; remember to take caution about the insects that are present out in the playgrounds.
  • Always keep a water bottle near and don’t be out for long as it may lead to severe headaches.
  • Avoid going out from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


  1. Apparels:
  • The outfits for summer includes a lot of light colored clothes made of cotton.
  • Don’t make your kids wear heavy clothes or dark color because the body feels suffocated as the heat gets absorbed with dark colors.
  • Try to get sunglasses to avoid direct contact with the sunrays.
  • You can also apply some natural suns cream to avoid getting tanned.


  1. Proper plan:

As summer is the time when your kid would be at home messing up and doing nothing in real. Chalk out a proper and well-thought plan or schedule for them so that they can stay busy. Include exercise in the plan to keep them healthy.

summer tips for kids
summer tips for kids

Most of the parents prerefer to make their children read books to develop vocabulary.

summer tips for kids
summer tips for kids

Iris Florets operate the most successful pre-school chain across the different states in India. The institution provides you with quality service and will help to nurture your child. Iris Florets are one of the leading play schools in India. So this season be sure to seek assistance from the experts at Iris Florets.

iris florets play school
iris florets play school