Summers can be a gruesome season but they are enjoyed by kids a lot. They go to playschools to attend summer camps and learn something new. Parents’ responsibilities increase in such cases as they have to prevent their kids from suffering from such scorching heat of the summers.

However, playschools like Iris Florets which is counted as the No 1 Pre School Chain in India are doing a tremendous job by both providing them quality skills and also explaining the parents about how can they handle summers.

Tips for kids to handle summer.

We are here with some of the useful tips and tricks that will help your kids enjoy their summers and at the same time, be cool.

  1. Right Clothing

Make your kids wear clothes that are comfortable, cotton ones being the best. Make sure you don’t make them wear dark clothes as they absorb more heat.

  1. Right Diet

You will need to change the diet of your kids too in order to keep them hydrated. Include more fruits like watermelons, oranges, mangoes, etc. it will be very beneficial if you avoid spicy food as it further raises body temperature.

Tips for kids to handle summer.

  1. Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Being hydrated in summer’s means being healthy in summers. Make your kids drink plenty of water so that the water level of their body doesn’t go down.


  1. Make Kids Stay Indoors

During the peak hours which is usually in the afternoons (12 p.m. to 3 p.m.), DO NOT ALLOW KIDS TO GO OUT! This is the time when kids are more prone to heat strokes and thus make them stay indoors. You can always arrange for various indoor games that will be fun for your kids, and this is what Iris Florets, the most successful preschool in India is best at.

  1. Sweat should be Taken care of

Many parents don’t pay attention to the sweating of their kids. But this eventually leads to rashes, and kids get irritated by these unwanted rashes all over. So it’s better to keep the skin dry.

  1. Water Bottle is a Must

Your kids might not always want to carry a water bottle every time they go outside. But you know how important it is for them to carry a bottle. So, make sure that a bottle is always there whenever your kid goes outside.

Tips for kids to handle summer.
  1. Prevent Skin Damage

The most common problem is the harsh suntan. Hot temperatures can result in skin damage. This can be prevented by applying sunscreen before your kid goes out.

  1. Scheduling

Develop a well-planned schedule for your child that includes a balance of play and rest. It is equally important to get a good rest in summer.

  1. Avoid A/C’s

This might sound weird, but if your kids remain in the A/c 24×7, the chances are more for them to fall ill as they will not be used to moderate heat. Hence, they should be well prepared to bear a little high temperatures.

  1. Keep Monitoring

You should keep an eye on your kids’ health because if you are vigilant enough as a parent, kids will not suffer at all.

Tips for kids to handle summer.

Iris Florets is one of the leading play schools in India that will help your kids achieve all-round development. Follow the above tips given by Iris to help your ward stay cool in this summer.