Play School Education – Top 5 Emerging Trends

Play School Education – Top 5 Emerging Trends


Early childhood education is believed to be an important milestone in the lives of children. A child learns much more at school than compared to their homes.

In recent times, Playschool education has become crucial at the beginning of a student’s life. Parents aim to provide their children with best in class education facilities. This means that schools have to constantly hold up against the ever exceeding standards of Early Education Industry.

But we are fortunate enough to say that there is no shortage of Innovative thinking in the education sector. Play schools are coming up with new ideas and trends to provide their pupils with the best learning experience.

Here are the Top five trends that have been emerging in the Early childhood care and education Industry.

1.Integration of Technology into Learning Environment

The emergence of technology has proved to be a turning point in the education industry. Digital classrooms, well-equipped computer labs are the need of the hour. Play schools have also done their part in making children techno-savvy. With technology taking over it is important that kids are introduced to this at an early age. Playschool teachers and educators need to stay updated with the latest gadgets and have a grasp on computer-based as well as online tools. Teachers have to also take care that the penetration of technology in the classrooms should be used in the right direction.

Play schools provide the kids with a perfect mixture of traditional and modern learning. Use of gadgets and technology is said to improve children’s cognitive skills and their control over their body.

2. Focus on Overall Development

With parents becoming aware of the impact of early education on the overall growth and development of their children, play school curricula are integrated in a way that covers all the aspects of learning. Physical education and social skill development are given special attention. Equal emphasis is given on academic and co-curricular activities in the school curriculum to introduce children to an array of skills which helps to keep them interested and involved.

Emergent curricula are introduced in classrooms where you introduce children to an enriched environment with varied activities and let the kids choose for themselves. Once a kid chooses a theme, the teacher builds a unit around it and guides the student further. Such method helps in understanding every child’s area of interest and helps them engage more and learn better.

3. Emphasis on Parents’ Involvement

Involvement of parents plays a crucial role in a child’s education. Hence, special care is taken in carrying out activities and workshop where parents participate with their children. Such activities instigate parent-child bonding and also facilitates in the emotional growth of the children. Through such activities, parents get to make time for their little ones from their busy schedule and understand them better.

4. Play-Based Learning

Keeping in mind children’s short attention spans, Play schools have begun to favour play-based learning techniques. Teaching kids through activities and workshops help increase their attention and involvement. Gone are the days when a notebook, pencil and a blackboard were the only objects of learning. Modern Playschool teachers use a vivid range of objects and activities to teach children even mundane subjects like math.

5. Early and Regular Assessment

Play schools have also introduced early and regular assessment of children to recognize a child’s strengths and weaknesses at an early age and concentrate on areas that need special attention. This technique also helps recognize kids with special talent and provide them with the special attention and care they need.

After all, a school is a child’s second home. He/she spends more time surrounded by their teachers and friends. Give your kid the best environment to grow and flourish here at iris florets. Enrol your child today.

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