How Pre-School helps a child in basic development

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Preschool is the mandatory start in every child’s life. It is a place where a child gains knowledge and information that will help him, when he starts elementary school. As per researches, it is known that children who have attended preschool perform better during their elementary school.  
Here are 6 quick significant reasons on why preschool is necessary.

Social & Emotional skills 

One of the best experience the kids of the age 2-5 year old can learn from a preschool is social skills. In the process of a preschool the kids learn to follow instructions, take turns & wait for turns, to co-operate with other children of their same age etc. It is essential for the child to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, they have to care for their fellow classmates, learn about the multicultural society around them from the other children. 

Cognitive basics:

The program in a preschool is designed in such a way, that the child learns a lot of basics in a classroom atmosphere with his peers while having fun. They learn basic alphabets & numerics, story telling, while they learn sentence formations, language skills, and basic mathematics. Apart from this they get basics of arts in colouring, shapes, through puzzles, finger paintings and other activities. 

Building creativity

Creativity is very hard to build and it can be built only in a atmosphere away from home. Children get opportunity of building their creative minds only through various crafty and artistic activities designed by the preschool teachers. Since the limitations at a preschool is very less, kids tend of explore their curious and imaginative minds. 

Communication & language skills

Listening and understanding is the key to a child’s communication skill. Talking to the children on a 1 on 1 conversation about topics that can seem meaningful to them is important, it can be challenging to understand but this is where it begins. Indulging them in activities that involves group communication, where they talk to their peers, it also can start with just greeting each other everyday. 

Self-help & adaptive skills

Children who don’t tend to attend preschool often have separation problems from their mother’s during the start of their kindergarten. They also encounter difficulties in following instructions. Teachers have often vouched saying kids who come post preschool have a better behaviour and understanding skill than others. Thus, making it clear that preschool makes child’s life easier at elementary level. 

Developing physical & motor skills

In general a good preschool will have various activities throughout the session which will indulge the child in running, climbing, interactive games, which improves the child’s physical development and balance. With simple crafts and other creativity activities the child’s hand-eye coordinations can develop in a better way. Group activities are add-ons to these sessions which will increase a child’s skills in a day-day life. 
Need we say more about why it’s essential in today’s generation to have our children attend preschool mandatorily?