Choosing The Right Playschool For Your Child

Choosing The Right Playschool For Your Child


Preschools come in as powerful learning stages; molding young minds into promising individuals.

Early childhood education acts as a stepping stone for children to build up their social, physical, psychological skills. It lays the foundation for further developed learning and above all, it helps instill love and eagerness for learning.

According to Nobel Laureate and Professor James J, Heckman, Ph.D., “Early childhood interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning.”

A youngster who encounters the delight of learning, exploration and hands-on experience of age-appropriate assignments will be bound to appreciate school in their later years of education, and improve intellectually too.

As a parent, we strive to give the best and quality education to our children so that they have a secure future and they become confident individuals. In this process, choosing a right-school becomes a momentous decision that any parent has to take. After all, preschool is where children spend their most crucial age of brain development. If you know about the fact that 90% of brain development happens between the ages of 0-5, you can estimate how important it is to give them the right stimulation/experiences.

While the primary focus of the school is to develop sensory-motor skills and academic skills in a child; balanced emotional intelligence also stands as an important factor in holistic development. Among various other plus points, sending your child to a playschool that keeps them happy is of utmost importance.

What makes a Playschool best for your Preschooler?


The distance between your home and the school is one of the preliminary parameters that you should consider while shortlisting a playschool. Search for a playschool that is located at a reasonable distance. Finding a playschool that is close to your home or work will make it helpful for you to arrive at your child quickly. We likewise need to ensure that a playschool is situated in a zone that has a great environment, climate, and cleanliness.

Safety and Security

This is a key factor that can’t be dismissed while picking a playschool. It is imperative to have a child-friendly and safety approved set-up for a playschool. There shouldn’t be any sort of security and wellbeing dangers in or close to the school. Ensure that the school is under CCTV surveillance and guarded by security.


It’s no big surprise that germs and diseases can spread quickly among children, considering close contact during activities, sharing things and playing outdoors. The school should maintain good hygiene practices in all areas including the washroom, play area, and classrooms. Regular sanitization of campus and equipment should be followed by the school.

Aesthetic, ambiance & infrastructure

“The first impression is the best.” Yes, even in the case of children, they like places that are vibrant, colorful, filled with toys. Check that the school has engaging zones, well-ventilated classrooms, and comfortable furniture. The overall infra of the school should be impressive to the child, after all, it is the child who is going the spend time exploring different areas in the school. And thus the aesthetics matter!

Passionate Teachers

Teachers are the brand ambassadors of the school. They are going to be the best buddies of your child in their learning journey. Teachers that promote a culture of inquiry and facilitate learning in fun, creative and safe methods are ideal. Preschool teachers stand to be positive role models throughout our age as they leave strong impressions during our early years. Look for a school that brings human resource excellence at all levels.


The school curriculum should aim to create practical, interactive and stimulating learning experiences for children. The school should have an environment rich in creating possibilities that encourages exploration, inquiry and problem-solving skills. The kind of methodology that works for pretty much every sort of student be it visual, auditory or kinesthetic; is the best educational program.

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