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Iris Florets presents an opportunity like never before. Invest your time, money and effort into a business which is growing significantly over the years. And that is not only it, the pre-school business is only set to boom further in the coming years. Iris Florets brings opportunities to entrepreneurs to open a reputed pre-school franchise in Hyderabad.
The first thing that comes to mind when we think about establishing a franchise is the functioning and the quality of the collaboration of one. There are concerns in the investor’s mind that will they be able to effectively manage the business, do I have the essential backdrop of how a preschool business functions in India, Is the business long lasting and sustainable? etc. In our previous blog, we talked about how a preschool franchise business is the best for young entrepreneurs.
With IRIS FLORETS, all doubts that an investor has on how to start a preschool franchisee are eliminated because we do not merely see you as an investor but as our partner in business growth. We make sure that complete training and infrastructure guidelines are provided to you and your team on various grounds and you are not at discomfort at any stage in operating the business.
Read further if you want to set up a franchise and need to know on what assistance would IRISFLORETS provide in this exciting journey of entrepreneurship.
At Iris florets, we have a team of experts who have significantly researched and developed the course curriculum and has effectively led to the execution in all of the franchises that are currently set up.

Top assistance from IRIS Florets for setting up Pre-School Franchisee

Infrastructure & Set-up Support

Guidelines for site selection, site visit, layout plan and design manuals, delivery management of furniture and fixtures

Brand Building & Marketing Support

Specialized brand manuals for multi-media communication, seminars and awareness programs, events and exhibition participation, web promotions

Curriculum & Training Support

Unique and complete curriculum, detailed manuals and resources for teachers, well-researched books, CDs and circulars, evaluation policy & procedures, In-house leadership & training modules, online franchise support

Operations Management Support

Help manuals for recruitment and interviews, working process manuals & reporting systems, guidelines for activities and events, setting milestones and achieving organizational goals

Additional Special Support

Faculty development programmes and parent orientation workshops by the eminent members of the board

Our Holistic Approach Towards Nurturing Kids:

Creative arts and craft center:

Arts and crafts are not just activities but they make your kids think for themselves and creating something is a beautiful feeling that your kids should not be deprived of.

3D audiovisual theatre:

The more exposure they get to the world the better understanding they have of it. Since the audiovisual theatre is 3D along with a lot of fun they will have informative sessions.

Role play area and amphitheater:

It is our responsibility to nurture your child’s creativity. Through role play we make the kids think in other’s shoes. The applause they hear makes them feel proud of themselves.

Soft gym, yoga, and aerobics:

Inculcating these healthy practices to your child at such an early stage will make these habits last throughout their lives. They will surely grow up to be healthy individuals.

Organic farming:

The earth needs more environmentally aware individuals and this can happen only if we teach them at this tender age they will grow up to be responsible human beings.
Our Esteemed Accolades:
Iris Florets is proud to say that our dedicated and hard-working team has received about 44 awards for all of their efforts in helping children grow and be happy people. Some of our best awards:
1. “Times of India’s “No.1 Franchise Model School” Being presented this award especially from a brand as esteemed as Times of India is an exhilarating experience.
2. Asia’s Greatest Brand & Asia’s Greatest Leader 2017 Awards It was a thrilling experience to receive this prestigious awards at Marina Bay Sands Convention center, Singapore. We are proud to receive these awards along with the other awardees like Google Asia, Adani group, Air Asia, KDU group Sri Lanka, Suntec Singapore etc.
3. School Excellence Awards at Brainfeed’s 5th National Conference 9 iris florets play schools from South India, received School Excellence Awards at Brainfeed’s 5th National Conference for our efforts in creatively and academically stimulating the children.
Download the manual now to know more about our partners and enquire today to join Iris Florets, the No. 1 Pre-School in India.