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Sending your child to a preschool is exciting and at the same time gives anxiety to the parents. This is the first instance when your kid gets out of your comfort zone and sees the new world.
An organised and structured preschool is a place where a child learns, plays, imitates, understands and lays the foundation of his/her development. A cutting-edge learning and education provider like Iris Florets will ensure holistic development of the child through its strategic development model. But does that ensure, in entirety, the holistic development? Parents and teachers, both, play a vital role and always need to work in sync to facilitate the education that the child deserves and needs.
Parents are kids first mentors whereas teachers are the mentors in the outside world. Kids learn a lot from these two sources and it has a cumulative effect over time. We bring you a list of things that teachers and parents must do to understand and build the child.

  1. Involvement in Preschool

Parents needs to be consistently in touch with the teachers as it has been proved by research that the students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, are more likely to be promoted, adjust well to school and attend school regularly.

  1. Fundamental Understanding about the Preschool.

In the initial days, the kids vary of going to the preschool. At such instances parents need to make them understand that it is a place to make new friends, have fun and enjoy with learning.

  1. Visit the School

Visiting school with your child in early days will provide the much essential support to the kid.

  1. For Special Needs

At times the child is too comfortable with habits and rituals that needs a special attention. Notifying the teacher about the same will ensure the habit can be altered through day to day change.

  1. Routine building

Routine set up is critical to the preschool and setting one is crucial.

  1. Hygiene elements

Kids at times hold for the toilet as they are uncomfortable and shy to use to the school bathroom. They need to be informed about the school bathroom and encouraged to use one.

  1. Language Development

Reading with the kids, telling them stories, listening to their stories gives fruitful results in the long term with language development perspective.

  1. Apt Nutrition

For the child to be completely focussed in all the activities it does, nutrition plays a vital role. Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy.
At IRIS Florets, we have set out to create an atmosphere of happiness and security – a place where children are respected and recognized for who they are. Furthermore, IRIS is a creatively stimulating and nurturing place of excellence where the children’s growth is self-propelled, and they can be themselves, as they revel in the joy of childhood.