Steps on How to Bring out Creativity in Your Young One

Steps on How to Bring out Creativity in Your Young One


Kids are always beaming with energy and their minds are always flowing with imagination. Children have the power to create incredible things if this power and imagination is channelized in the right direction.

There is a popular misconception between people that not all kids are talented, and talent is a special gift. Though the latter statement is partially correct, all children have at least have one hobby which can be nurturing and turned into a praiseworthy talent.

The Iris Florets believes that the creativity of every child can be cultivated through practice and timely appreciation, once it is identified.

Thus, for this purpose, we have enlisted a few steps for all parents and guardians to help them bring out the creativity in their young ones.

Encourage Divergent Thinking

Encouraging your child to think in a different manner and think out of the box. Our society forces everyone to think in a certain manner and adhere to the centuries-old technique. Encouraging children to try out a new thing to improve their decision-making ability as well as problem-solving skills


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Develop a Creative Space

Make your home an oyster for creative thinking. Encourage children to take up creative activities such as painting, drawing, music and other activities. This way children can develop a liking for creative activities as well as start to open up their imagination. Provide them with fun games and toys such as color, sketch pens, Legos, etc.

Cultivate Critical Thinking

As children get older introduce them to situation and problem that require critical problem skills and guide them through such situations. This will develop their minds and give them better control over their mental abilities. Have your kids brainstorm on paper and use mind mapping techniques.

Encourage Children to Read for Pleasure and Participate in Performing Arts

There is no better way to cultivate imagination and creativity than reading books. Reading story books encourage to develop their imagination. Similarly, performing arts helps children build a creative approach towards different situations and also boosts their confidence levels.

Avoid Controlling

We often tend to control how our children think an react to a certain situation. To encourage your children to open up, you need to top controlling them and give them the liberty to choose for themselves. Children tend to lose interest when they are forced to do something. So, let them choose what they enjoy the most, this way you will be able to increase their involvement in the activity.

Children are quick learners and very innovative with proper guidance and mentoring their creative energies can be channelized in a wonderful way.

We at Iris Florets encourage our children into participating in activities that will help in developing their creative as well as mental abilities.

We inculcate various innovative ways in our school curriculums to help children build their cognitive as well as non-cognitive skills.

Enroll your child in the Iris Florets preschool to give them the best learning environment, where they can play, enjoy, learn and grow with their friends.

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