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Top 10 reasons to buy a franchisee.

There has been quite some debate on setting up the preschool business in India. A section of the people believes that owning a preschool is a preferable option as compared to owning a franchisee of a preschool. We provide you with top 10 reasons why you should go ahead with buying a franchise of a preschool and not building one.

Established Brand

The biggest advantage of buying a franchisee is that you can ride on the goodwill or the success of an established brand. One does no have to start all from scratch saving much essential time, money and energy needed to launch a brand from scratch.
One does not have to start all from scratch and can save essential time, money and energy which is needed to launch a brand.

Risk Factor

Owning a school has high risk as the owner will have to take care of the admissions and the cost associated with everything that comes in the operations. In the franchisee model however, you can bank on the brand’s success and a considerable number of admissions can be guaranteed through the brand presence.

Curriculum Devising and Support

The onus of devising a curriculum is solely on the owner and it involves deep research and analysis of the education syllabus and numerous standards to be followed while devising one to delete this. In Franchisee however, all the hard word around curriculum devising is already been taken care of and is readily available to the franchise owner. with entire and in depth planning.

Training Set Up and Support

The support required in the training of the staff and the ongoing operation support needing is important. Franchisee provide end to end support and make sure that the teachers and the staff are updated regularly with the latest trends in education.


As compared to the owned school, a franchisee is always a better investment as it involves low risk. Each decision taken by a franchise is highly researched, data driven and proven by experience and hence these calculated decisions lead to early break even and high return on investments.

Location and Infrastructure

One is solely responsible for deciding a space and infrastructure needed in owning a preschool. A franchisee helps the franchisee buyer to take smart and strategic decisions based on prior experiences

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing is a key factor that a franchisee takes very seriously and is spread across regions. This helps in creating brand awareness in large scale and has the advantage of that added influence in a parent’s decision making about their kid’s admission. We provide comprehensive guidance in marketing strategies and providing collaterals. Also collaborative marketing as per the requirement.

Success Ratio

All in all, it has always been the franchisees who have been profitable over the years and the success ratio of franchisees succeeding has been higher as compared to the owned schools.
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