6 Things to Know Before Selecting a Preschool

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It is that time of the year when you are searching for a perfect preschool for your toddler. So many things go in selecting the best preschool near you. Right from the distance to cost to the quality of the preschool there are so many factors that need to be looked upon in the process. Iris Florets bring you a list of 6 essential things to check before zeroing down on the selection of preschool.

  1. Education Philosophy

    understanding the core vision and philosophy of the brand is highly essential in selecting a preschool. Which approach of early education is followed by the preschool is a must know before you start any of the research.

  2. Curriculum and Methodology 

    An important aspect that a parent needs to check is the curriculum and what makes a curriculum. Is holistic development part of the curriculum or is the preschool only focussing on the academic front needs to be finely studied.

  3. Teachers and the Staff

    Knowing about the teachers i.e. are they amicable, qualified, trained, experienced? Also it’s crucial to check that; do kids love to be around their teachers? do they feel the comfort of home in the school with their teachers around? can they talk about what they feel with their teachers? are the staff members answering what a kid wants? etc. A preschool with a wonderful staff will always be lively.

  4. Safety and Hygiene

    One of the most vital parameter before you select the school is the safety and hygiene of the kids. Are the floors and the places of learning clean?Are the washrooms maintaining high levels of cleanliness?Having a look at the preschool property will make your selection quite easy.

  5. Distance and Location 

    A preschool needs to be close to home or close to parents’ workplace. These are little things but matter a lot in the long run. A long travelling time will drain out the student and will make him or her less attentive in the school.

  6. Talk to the staff 

    One thing without which you shouldn’t decide of selecting a preschool is visiting the school and meeting the staff. One must know how qualified and trained is the staff by directly talking to them. Having a good relationship with the teachers will have a great effect in your child’s learning at the preschool.

These were the top points to check before finalising the preschool for your kid. If you are still in a dilemma and have question popping up in the process, talk to us or visit an Iris Florets preschool near you to get an insight of how Iris florets is enhancing the standards of preschools in India.